Attack Surface Intelligence API

Use our REST API to access our attack surface intelligence search engine for web, domain, DNS and IP intelligence from DigitalStakeout. attack surface intelligence api

Hostname API

Query for 2 billion+ hostnames to find the subdomains associated to a registered domain or associated to an IP address.

Domain API

Query for information about a domain and map A, AAAA, MX, NS and TXT links to 300 million+ registered domains.

Frontpage API

Query 200 million+ current website descriptions, social media links and other meta-data.


Query new certificate trust logs from Cloudflare, Google, DigiCert, and Let’s Encrypt.

On-Demand Attack Surface Intelligence API Made Simple

Tap into billions of data points with ease. Check out our API documentation and code samples.

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Attack Surface Intelligence API Use Cases

Leverage our attack surface intelligence API to accelerate your digital discovery and investigative workflows. Structured digital attack surface data from the web enables a limitless amount of applications and use cases.

Brand Protection

Discover phishing, brand abuse and copyright infringement.

Cyber Incident Response

Enrich IP and domain information to find and correlate threats faster.

Competitive Intelligence

Analyze the digital footprint of your products, brands or competitors.

Attack Surface Management

Discover vulnerabilities to your external facing digital attack surface.

Due Diligence

Identify digital risks that could directly impact your business transaction.

Web Research

Discover an organization's web technology use or curate business intelligence.